Presented at the NTSA – Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference (I/ITSEC)
November 2014


Training requirements for Real Beam Ground Map (RBGM) and Synthetic Aperture (SAR) Radar simulations demand high­ resolution terrain data in order to synthesize a Radar image. Radar simulators render the scene differently than out the window rendering. This means that traditional texturing and lighting cannot be used to hide the triangular faceting that normally is used to construct terrain. The resolution (grid post spacing) of a high fidelity terrain database may be as good as 1 meter but this resolution is not good enough when a Synthetic Aperture Radar is sampling terrain at sub­meter resolutions. The undesirable artifact is that constant sloped surfaces (a.k.a terrain facets) are visible causing the terrain to appear unnatural….Read more

Posted by Rockwell Collins