Year: 2015

The Airport of Tomorrow

Christopher B. Forrest
Vice President, Global Airports, Information Management Services

The Commercial Aircraft Flight Deck: A New Phase in Information Management for Flight Crews

Linda D. Peyton, Senior Director, Avionics Products Engineering, Commercial Systems
Simon Tudge. Senior Director, Strategy and Business Development, Information Management Services

Aviation Networks: Four Principles for Tomorrow’s Information Flow

Yun S. Chong, Staff Vice President, Commercial Aviation Solutions, Information Management Systems
Alexis V. Hickox, Senior Director, Strategic Development, Information Management Services

Commercial Aircraft Cabins—Engaging and Empowering Passengers Beyond IFEC

Richard R. Nordstrom
Senior Director, Global Marketing, Cabin Solutions
Information Management Services


At Rockwell Collins, our Vision is to “Be the most trusted source of aviation and high-integrity solutions in the world.” A fundamental enabler of this vision is to proactively address some of the most challenging […]