Presented at the Australasian Simulation Congress, SimTecT 2016
June 2016


Modern warfare has increasingly evolved to include multiple variants of platforms and participants, including coalition partners, which are hosting and exchanging information spanning a wide range of classification/caveat/compartment levels. This has led to a difficult Multi-Level Security (MLS) challenge that must be addressed both technologically and operationally in order to effectively test and train modern warfighters. The ongoing modernization efforts and deployment of 5th generation platforms, such as the F-35, highlight the need to include Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) within the modern training curriculum which exceeds the current capabilities of most existing solutions, resulting in the need for a cost effective solution to address the problem. In Australia, conception of the Core Simulation Capability (CsimC), pro-actively states future needs. In order to address needs such as this, Rockwell Collins has developed a layered solution for high-assurance MLS test, training, and LVC . The solution takes advantage of several Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) technologies along with a focus on modularity and composability across the solution. This demonstrated and fielded architecture has led to a very efficient and flexible solution that is an ideal case study for layered assurance…..Read more

Posted by Rockwell Collins