Year: 2017

Perceptual-Cognitive & Physiological Assessment of Training Effectiveness

Jaclyn A. Hoke Ph.D.
Christopher Reuter
Thomas Romeas
Maxime Montariol
Thomas Schnell
Jocelyn Faubert

Setting the Standard for Intellectual Property

Interview of William C. Elkington
Senior Director, Intellectual Property Management
David Haas and Scott Weingust
Managing Directors

The World Needs Seamless Aviation Certification Standards

by Kent L. Statler
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Commercial Systems

Enhancing Autonomy with Trusted Cognitive Modeling

S. Bhattacharyya
Jennifer A. Davis
Thomas L. Vogl
Matthew A. Fix
Angus L. McLean
Michael P. Matessa
Laura M. Smith-Velazquez