The United States (US) Department of Defense is requiring the use of open systems architectures to reduce the lifecycle cost and enable a more frequent upgrade of capabilities in current and new weapon systems. The US DoD and its military services are actively engaged in the development of many open architecture standards efforts, such as the FACETM, HOST, OMS, UCI, and SOSATM Standards, through participation in standards consortiums and US Government led standards working groups. Our research builds upon Rockwell Collins prior and ongoing work in the development of open standards and implementation in our solutions. This paper will introduce relevant avionics open architecture standards, discuss the key attributes of each standard, compare the relationship among the standards, and examine technical approaches to develop integrated avionics solutions through the integration of systems and subsystems implemented with different open architecture standards. Following the discussion of the main concepts, the paper will present a case study detailing a hypothetical VTOL avionics system requiring integration of multiple OSA standards. The case study will concentrate on not only the technical aspects of physical/logical integration, but also on the procedural aspects of system engineering methodology….Read more

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