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Five Trends to Consider When Predicting the Future of IFC

Richard R. Nordstrom
Senior Director, Strategic Marketing Commercial Aviation & Network Services

The World Needs Seamless Aviation Certification Standards

by Kent L. Statler
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Commercial Systems

The entire aviation ecosystem must connect reliably, securely and cost-effectively

From Connected Aircraft to Connected Users

by Werner Lieberherr
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Interior Systems

What Is The Certification Tipping Point?

An interview of Kent Statler, Executive Vice President and COO, Commercial Systems

by John Croft
Senior Editor, Avionics and Safety, Aviation Week & Space Technology

The Changing Face of Connectivity

by Jeffrey A. Standerski
Former Senior Vice President, Information Management Services

The Commercial Aircraft Flight Deck: A New Phase in Information Management for Flight Crews

Linda D. Peyton, Senior Director, Avionics Products Engineering, Commercial Systems
Simon Tudge. Senior Director, Strategy and Business Development, Information Management Services

Commercial Aircraft Cabins—Engaging and Empowering Passengers Beyond IFEC

Richard R. Nordstrom
Senior Director, Global Marketing, Cabin Solutions
Information Management Services