Diane D. McClatchy

Diane D. McClatchy-bluebkgrd-142x200Diane McClatchy is a Principal Systems Engineer at the Rockwell Collins Advanced Technology Center (ATC), where she performs various aviation related studies in flight optimization and data analytics with specific interest in 4-dimensional trajectory (4DT) optimization and the connected aircraft. Ms. McClatchy has worked at Rockwell Collins/ARINC for over 35 years providing systems and software engineering and on-call support for various aviation services including: OpCenter, Centralized FMC Waypoint Reporting System (CFRS), Centralized FANS ADS System (CADS), CNS/ATM Workstation, CNS/ATM Gateways, International CNS/ATM Router (ICR), ATC Gateway, and Military Data Link (MDC). She began her career in the Electronic Warfare division of ARINC where she supported various Air Force EW platforms. Ms. McClatchy works out of the Annapolis, MD office and has an M.S. in Cyber Security.