Konrad L. Slind

klsDr. Konrad Slind is a member of the Rockwell Collins Advanced Technology Center. His research focuses on the theory and application of formal methods. For many years Dr. Slind has collaborated with colleagues at Cambridge University and Data61 on the implementation and application of the HOL (higher order logic) theorem prover. Recent work has explored proof-based approaches to specifying, verifying, and generating efficient code and hardware for network guards. Another interest of Dr. Slind is the introduction of formal methods into certification processes. His current research is on specification, verification, and runtime systems for graph-based algorithms intended to execute in autonomous vehicles. Dr. Slind received his Ph.D. at Technical University of Munich, did post-doc work at the Cambridge University Computer Lab, and was on the faculty of the University of Utah School of Computing. He previously worked at the University of Calgary where he received his MSc. and for Bell Labs Murray Hill as a consultant.