Laura M. Smith-Velazquez

Laura Smith-Velazquez 142x200Laura Smith-Velazquez is a Senior Human Factors and Systems Engineer in Rockwell Collins Advanced Technology Center. She has 15 years of experience designing flight deck, air traffic management, and unmanned systems. Ms. Smith-Velazquez is the principle investigator on NASA’s Sonic Boom Display and CoPI on Flight Deck Information Management & Decision Support (IMDS) projects in addition to working on human autonomy teaming and intelligent automation. She is a Mars One astronaut candidate, a passionate STEM educator, and an inspirational speaker who seeks to enable young minds and inspire the next generation of explorers. Ms. Smith-Velazquez holds a BS in Aeronautical Science, an MS in Human Factors & Systems engineering, minors in Meteorology & Flight Safety, and commercial pilot and aircraft dispatcher certifications from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.