Richard R. Nordstrom


Richard Nordstrom is the senior director, Strategic Marketing Commercial Aviation & Network Services for Rockwell Collins. He joined the company in January 2015. Nordstrom brings 18 years of experience in Air Transport connectivity products and telecommunications marketing to this role.

Previously, Nordstrom was managing director for North America at OnAir, managing SITAONAIR’s commercial and corporate relationships in North America, in addition to representing SITA’s nose-to-tail capabilities for the market.

Nordstrom is a veteran of the satellite communication market for both air transport and maritime sectors. Before joining SITAONAIR, Nordstrom was director, Sales and Marketing at Connexion by Boeing and a strategic consultant to satellite providers for their aviation market.

Prior to this, Nordstrom served as the chief operating officer of MariTEL. At MariTEL Nordstrom led the engineering development and operations of the first domestic coastal VHF maritime telecommunications network to meet United States Coast Guard’s National Distress and Response System Modernization Program. Nordstrom also implemented the first large scale VoIP US backhaul network, providing a wide range of services to both commercial and recreational maritime markets.

During his career, Nordstrom has also served as chief executive officer for three emergent global technology companies.

Nordstrom holds a Master’s degree in Marine Ecology from the University of Connecticut and was a faculty member for three years at the University of Connecticut.